Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello and Good morning!

Here's the list you requested.  Practice listening to it at least two or three times.
Click on the play button. Listen and follow along ☺

1. Bonjou! 
    Good morning!  Hello!

2. Bonswa!
    Good afternoon / Good evening!

3. Bònn nwi!
    Good night!

4. Orevwa!

5. Na wè pita.
    See you later

6.  Kijan ou ye?
    How are you?

7. Mwen byen, mèsi.  E ou menm?
   I’m fine, thank you. And you?

8. Kijan ou rele?
    What's your name?

9.  Mwen rele ...Kate. 
    My name is ...Kate.

10. Mwen kontan rekonèt ou.
      I'm Pleased to meet you.

11. Eskize mwen mesye / Madanm.
      Excuse me sir / Man’m

12. Konbyen sa koute?
     How much is this?

13. Silvouplè / tanpri 

14.  Mèsi anpil
       Thank you very much

15.  Kote twalèt la ye?
      Where's the toilet?

16.  Pase bònn jounen☺ 
      Have a nice day☺

17.  Map sonje ou.
       I will miss you.

18.  Mwen pa konprann
       I don't understand

19. Mwen pa konnen.
     I don't know.

20. Tanpri repete ankò 
      Please say that again

21. Tanpri, pale pi dousman.
      Please speak more slowly.

22. Kijan ou di an Kreyòl?
     How do you say ... this in Creole?

23. Sa sa vle di?
      What does that mean?

24. Eske ou pale Angle?
      Do you speak English?

25. Kite m an repo, silvouplè.
      Leave me alone, please.

Se tout, mèsi, e orevwa!
That's all, thanks and goodbye!

If this is your first trip to Haiti, I welcome you with a great Caribbean smile. 
Enjoy your trip whether it's your first or your tenth. Let the tropical sun warm your heart.  And as you mingle with those very spirited natives on this beautiful island, just ready your heart to learn new things ☻

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I'm Happy to see you

I'm Happy to see you
Mwen kontan wè ou

Good morning my friend!

Good morning my friend!
Bonjou zanmi!

Good Morning Haiti!

Good morning Haiti!
Bonjou Ayiti!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Many ways to greet someone in Haitian Creole

What do you say when someone asks you "How are you?"  in Creole?

1.  How are you?
     Kijan ou ye?  or  Kouman ou ye?   or  Kòman ou ye?  (use either one)
     I'm fine.
     Mwen byen
     I'm not too bad.
     Mwen pa pi mal.
     I'm well.  Everything's calm.
     Mwen byen.  Tout bagay poze.

2.  How are things?
     Kijan bagay yo ye?
     Everything's fine.
    Tout bagay byen.
    Things are not too well!
    Bagay yo pa twò byen non!

3.  What's new?
     Sa ou fè de nouvo?  or more popularly    E nouvèl?
     Nothing really, thanks!
     Anyen mèsi!
     We're thriving.
      Nap degaje nou.

4.  What are you up to?
     Sa ou fè?

5.  What's up?
     Sak pase?
     We're still here.
     Nou la.
     We're holding firm.
     Nap kenbe.   or   Nap boule.

6. What's happening?
     Sa kap fèt?
    I'm great!
    Mwen anfòm!

7.  What have you been up to?
     Sa ou fè de bon?
     I've been up to nothing really!
     Mwen pa fè anyen de bon non!
     Sometimes, Creole speakers say: 
     Well... you know...
     Enben... ou konnen...